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Why Kenyans should quit dismissing Naomi campbell

Reasons Kenyans should support Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell was yesterday appointed as the Magical Kenya international Ambassador, something that Kenyans did not take lightly.

Many Kenyans feel that the tourism CS Najib Balala had an option of choosing many Kenyans who have carried the Kenyan flag internationally, the likes of Lupita Nyong’o.

Naomi Campbell and her runway activism paved the way for black girls like Alek Wek and Ajuma to have their space in the international modeling industry.

She made it possible for dark-skinned girls from all over the world to be picked by fashion designers, to feature on otherwise exclusively white cover magazines, she made it sexy and acceptable for black girls to model with big asses without being forced to lose all their weight, to model without having to be bleached or photos heavily edited to make them look lighter…

Naomi Campbell’s iconic walk allowed present-day models to own their personalities on-stage. I mean that Woman is a living legend

Also, we all know that Lupita identifies herself as a Mexican who was born in South America.

We all know very well that if Balala had named Lupita as our Brand Ambassador, we would have forgotten all her remarkable achievements and rounded her off to some random village in Luo Land.

So let’s quit dismissing her and give her the opportunity to work and then we can judge her from that point.


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