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Why Othuol Othuol Wore a Suit Like Jalango’s

I Have Been There For Othuol

Jalango- Radio presenter and comedian Jalango has refuted claims that he is the one who ignored Othuol Othuol’s 15k plea to settle hospital bill.

This is after a screenshot surfaced online of Othuol pleading for 15k help to settle hospital bill, a text that remained unanswered until he passed away.

Taking to his facebook page, Jalango has stated its not him. He however said that he is used to bloggers waking up and saying anything about him.

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”’So a blogger somewhere woke up and decided that the othuol screen shot asking for 15k is me…You see nowadays am so used to being associated with anything…I woke up and I saw this blog saying ” HOW JALANGO DINIED OTHUOL 15K ” Woow…do you know how you sit somewhere and wonder what you ever did to people..But am used to it now and it doesn’t bother me anymore,”Read his facebook post

According to Jalango, the have a group called comedian Kenya and Sandra Dacha was the one collecting money. They have actually had three fundraisers since Othuol fell sick the first time.

In our group comedian Kenya SandraDacha has been collecting money from the time othuol was admitted the first time…we have had more than 3 fund raisers that has been sorting his bills…We have been there to the last minute..

He later went ahead and narrated his journey with Othuol from being the one who first put him on stage to Othuol branding himself with  a green suit just like Jalango.

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.My life with Othuol would never change
1. First person to put him on stage…Luo plays
2. First person to give him his first TV show…Sirkal Ya Bibi ..K24
3. First person to put him on a stand up comedy..Kenya Kona
4. First person to give him first TV advert…Safari battery
And to thank me he decided to have a green suit like mine…Ill tell you that story someday..how he got his green suit..
May Othuol Othuol RIP

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