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Only 8 people attended Billionaire Wilfred Murungi’s burial, villagers and journalists locked out.

Wilfred Murungi burial

During the burial of tycoon Wilfred Murungi, villagers and journalists were forced to watch through the fence of his home in Tharakanithi.

The Billionaire’s body who passed away days ago was brought in in a chopper together with another chopper carrying 8 of his close relatives. There was also 1 car and a Mercedes Hearse which was supposed to take over the body. Only 8 people attended the burial including very close relatives and a priest.

According to the news by journalists blocked out,

“It is unfortunate that we did not get a chance to appreciate his generosity with a good send-off that he deserved,” said Nancy Kainyu, a resident. “We were told he decided to make it a private family affair,” 

Apparently, when the tycoon’s wife dies some years back, the same happened. Only close relatives were allowed in the funeral.

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