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Witchcraft??Kakamega woman dies maliciously after killing a snake in her home


A family in Kakamega lost five of their relatives in the tragic accident that occurred last week killing 58 people. According to a family member, this five were going to their grandmothers funeral when it happened.

They said that their grandmother was as usual at her home when she noticed a python at the corner of her house. She used a stick to kill it before setting it on fire. About an hour after killing it she started complaining of pain all over her body. Her body started swelling and she lost her sight. She then tried to walk inside to rest but she collapsed and died.

“After 45 minutes, my mother started complaining of pain all over her body. Her body started swelling before she lost her sight. And as she was going to the house to rest, she fell at the door and died,” said Caroline, Lomen’s daughter.

“We had planned to go together to the mortuary to collect the body of their grandmother, Lomen, that particular morning only to receive information about the tragedy,” said Munala.

The family blamed the snake for the death of their grandmother and also the five members of the family.

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