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VIDEO: Man attacks ex-wife then asks her current husband to go collect the ‘corpse’.

Woman attacked by ex-husband

Woman attacked by ex-husband

Rose Mei, a 20-year-old lady is nursing serious injuries at Machakos hospital after being brutally attacked by her ex-husband Kelvin Kalela Munguti. The lady is married to another man.

She said that she was at home when the ex-husband walked I started beating her up. He stabbed her on the leg and hit her mouth and nose hence the scars she sustained. It was not the first time he did it but as she told it, this time around he went too far.

“He used to beat me and I will go to the hospital, but this time he went too far,” 

She said the man stabbed her on the hand, abdomen, slashed her leg and hit her mouth and nose, she was home when he ex-husband walked in and assaulted her before locking the door from outside and leaving with the key.

After beating her up, he locked the house with her inside and left with the key. He went to the current husband’s workplace and gave him the key. After asking what he was doing with the keys, he told him to go collect the corpse

Kelvin went to the woman’s current husband, gave him the key and told him to go collect ‘the corpse in his house’.

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