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Wyley Simpson, the first ever man to get Pregnant welcomes a healthy baby boy!

Transgender man gets pregnant

Wyley Simpson,28 is a transgender man who lives in Texas with his Fiancee. He started transitioning from female to male at the age of 21. Despite taking testosterone and being told by his doctor that he could not get pregnant since he had stopped receiving his periods, Wyley became pregnant with their baby. He had undergone top surgery but he still has the female reproductive organ which explains how he got pregnant.

“Having gone through the transitioning process since I was 21-years-old, having a physical baby bump was something so feminine that it messed with my head,” 

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After realizing he was pregnant, Wyley was shocked. They had not thought about being biological parents since they were a gay couple. They did not know what to do but they decided to keep the baby. Wyley received a lot of abuse and criticism because, to be honest, it is not every day you come across a pregnant man.

“It’s not every day that someone sees a pregnant man walking down the road so we received a fair amount of abuse. I would be told that I’ll never be a man, ‘men don’t carry babies’ and everyone called me ‘it’,” said Wyley.

Transgender man gets pregnant

After a very difficult pregnancy, they finally welcomed a bouncing baby boy. He had the baby through a C section and they wouldn’t be happier. He said that the pregnancy bonded him and his boyfriend even more.

“Once my physical bump had disappeared and I was able to take my hormones again, I felt good about everything. Now Stephan and I are just revelling in fatherhood and can’t wait to continue our journey as a family, he explained. I am looking to fully transition in the future, so the likelihood of having another child naturally is unlikely,” he said. It was a great feeling to be able to carry Rowan, feeling him kick and going to baby scans, but for me as a person, it isn’t something I can continue to do. I don’t see myself as any less of a man because of what happened, but I just do not identify in such a feminine way as to be pregnant – so it won’t be happening again.”

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