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You No Longer Need to Google the 10 Ways of Making Money While at Home

Rent out your parking space

In the 21st century, the list of ‘basic’ needs is fast elongating. You’ve probably noticed a sudden shock on your friend’s face…he/she just realized that their smartphone is missing! That’s how dear a simple communication device has proven to be. Again, unless you reside in your workplace, the first thing to ensure is that your pocket is loaded, either for fuel or fare to and from work. Or you can just feature on the next episode of ‘the walking nation’. Transport is indeed a basic need. In Kenya, people only use the SGR once for the sake of selfies…otherwise it’s the road daily. Vehicles need parking…goes without saying; at every stop you make for an hour, two hours, or even the whole day while at work.

Your Smartphone,Your Best Friend

Did you know that your best friend, the cellphone, can give you real time data on available parking spaces? Better still, did you know that the unused space in your compound near or in towns can be utilized to save drivers? Of course, the drivers should return the favor in terms of cash. The Parking Finder Partner App can direct them right to your space. Then you can sit back, relax, and watch your wallet ‘fattening’. You no longer need to google the 10 ways of making money while at home. The Parking Finder Partner app is the “number 1 will shock you”. Let’s explore how well a smartphone can mint money for you as you rest.


How the new parking app is innovatively saving drivers from parking stress and worries

Money Statistics

Of course, you cannot base your business on hearsay. You need statistics…I mean the wallet-friendly ones. The ones that make you smile and make you sing aloud without realizing you are not the singing type. On average, a car spends 96% parking and only 4% on the road. On a normal day, people spend less than 4 hours driving. A whole 20 hours is parking time. And you know how many cars need those spaces? More than 300,000 cars flow into and out of Nairobi every week.parkingfinder Kenya

Mind you, the NTSA is still registering more vehicles every day; about 7,000 every month in Nairobi alone, now that their services are online. Offering parking services is fast becoming a goldmine. Who doesn’t want a feel of the new-face money? Intel indicates the increased love for the ‘elephant’ notes among Kenyans! Parking Finder Partner app will bring that dream closer…definitely a friend indeed.

Why use the ParkingFinder app?

Marketing your business
Before Parking Finder Kenya, a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush. But not any more. Cars will be in-tacked in your parking lot as others book the spaces because drivers can locate your business from anywhere, 24/7. There is no point of setting up a business and then spending the whole day complaining. Using the app improves your service brand image because people will fall in love with this cutting-edge technology. Not to mention they will prefer buying from your business. It’s advisable to give them the best service for a guaranteed return.
Real-time Data and analytics to ease management
Numbers don’t lie. No doubt about it. The Parking Finder Partner app is the friend who spits the truth right to your face. Parking owners can see the flow of traffic into and out of their premises, so you don’t have to worry about the performance of the operators. And if any worker isn’t the person of integrity the CV says he is, you can fire them with just a touch of your smartphone by deactivating their accounts. The trend analytics will help you in the identification of business weaknesses.










Carrying coins was understandable before 2008. But not ten years later. Who still does that?! With the e-wallet feature, your money will be safely tucked into your bank account. You need not to carry a heavy bag of coins and notes around. Otherwise, you will be placing a price tag for your neck. Or the risk of nosy neighbors throwing you out with claims of attracting thieves. All you need to carry around is your ATM card and a 4-digit PIN… they will be much lighter and less adrenaline-triggering.

Earn at all times…even when in bed
Why work 24 hours while you can work 1000hrs a day? The Parking Finder Partner app allows the parking owner to manage operations even when far away. The app is designed to enable the parking owner to exercise power over the parking operators.

parkingfinder Kenya








The operators will be just fine working under less supervision but more technology because there will be no money loopholes. The owner can take the moment to take a ride around the owner while still earning. Or better still; chase the American dream on other avenues. All a parking owner needs to do is:
Download the Parking Finder Partner app on google play store.
Create a listing for free with details of the parking space for drivers to locate your business.
Relax and start earning.
And you know what they say: luck seems to happen to those who work hard. Give drivers what they want. They want parking spaces.

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